Limited edition Lego Mindstorms NXT brings back a decade of memories

We'll just go ahead and warn you -- don't even think of giving the read link any attention if you're both a) a Lego freak and b) strapped for cash. Otherwise, you'll definitely be $169.99 further away from paying the light bill next month, as the limited edition Mindstorms Black NXT Brick is simply a must-have item for even amateur collectors. The device, which was created to celebrate ten years of Mindstorms, boasts four input ports, a trio of output ports for motors, a large dot-matrix display, USB 2.0, Bluetooth, a 32-bit microprocessor and a digital wire interface for third-party developments. We'd get in line now if you want to be assured of a piece come March 3rd, but that's totally your call.

[Via GoRobotics]