Skate 2 enables red/blue 3D mode via cheat code

Sony showed off some slick 3D gaming setups at CES last month, but since you probably don't have two PS3s, a special copy of Gran Turismo 5 and a 3D display just laying around, Skate 2 is the closest thing available right now. Punch in "strangeloops" under the Extras section of the main menu and you'll be in anaglyph 3D mode (you did hang on to your Sobe 3D glasses, right? Doh! as noted by commenters below, those glasses are amber instead of red and won't give the slight 3D effect desired with this cheat) We're sure many are shocked that EA didn't try to slip this in as paid DLC instead of providing a free cheat code, once you've recovered check out a YouTube demo embedded after the break.

[Via TeamXbox]