MSI X-Slim X320, X340 and GT725 hands-on

We knew MSI's newest X-Slim laptops were ultrathin, but it wasn't until we saw 'em in person here at CeBIT that we truly appreciated the design. These are definitely amongst the sexiest laptops we've seen in some time, though it only took a moment for fingerprints to begin marring the previously flawless glossy top. Both were appropriately sturdy and remarkably lightweight, and if these are any sign of where MSI is going with its styling, we can't wait for the future. On that note, we should also mention that we stumbled upon the absolutely gigantic GT725. Granted, that machine is aimed squarely at the gaming crowd, but it just looked unnatural after toying with its fitness-minded siblings just seconds earlier. We went a little crazy with the camera, but feel free to only peek the thumbnails you like.