PSP2 rumor surfaces once more, sounds awfully familiar

The PSP2 rumor mill has certainly been cranking overtime as of late, and it doesn't seem to be showing any signs of slowing down, even if it isn't exactly churning out many new rumors. This time, however, they're apparently be backed up by a developer source "close to Sony," who again says that the PSP2 (or PSP-4000, as it's also being called) will ditch the UMD drive and add a sliding screen that covers most of the controls when it's closed. According to the source, that would still let folks play games like LocoRoco that only use the shoulder buttons when it's closed, and Sony is reportedly keen to get developers to create more games that can be played in that state. No word on a release date from the latest source, unfortunately, although Eurogamer seems to be sticking to its earlier report that it'll launch by the end of the year.

[Via GameDaily]