Puget Systems' $16K Windows 2008 server

In this world of netbooks, "mini" this and "pico" that, it's nice to see someone taking things to the opposite extreme. When folks at Puget Systems mentioned that they were working on a "high-end" custom build, Tom's Hardware asked the logical follow-up question: "how high-end are we talkin'?" Let's just say that we'd be hard-pressed find someone who wouldn't be content with this beast: four quad-core 2GHz Opteron processors (that's a lot of cores!), 32GB of memory, two VelociRaptor hard drives in RAID1, and six 1TB hard drives in RAID 5. Of course, this guy generates a lot of heat: the system boasts both liquid cooling and a ginormous side-mounted radiator -- with so much surface area, the fans can be run at a low speed to keep things nice and quiet. Additionally, a Koolance pump and reservoir unit was installed in one of the CD-ROM bays, allowing the user to adjust the pump speed based on desired performance and noise levels. Including Windows Server 2008 Standard, a one-year parts warranty, and a lifetime labor warranty, the machine went for a mere $16,338.89. Go ahead, treat yourself. You deserve nice things too.

[Via Slashgear]