Samsung's NC20 gets hands-on treatment, US availability date

We've already seen Samsung's borderline netbook unboxed and on sale across the pond, but up until now, us Yanks have had to sit and ponder whether waiting for this to come Stateside was a worthwhile use of time. For those that held off, kudos. Laptop has received word from Sammy itself that an Americanized version of the 12.1-inch, VIA-powered NC20 will ship here in the United States starting on March 6th. At least initially, the computer will be offered up exclusively through, and we're told that the US version will be black in color and equipped with a 5900mAh battery. The only detail that wasn't disclosed was the price, so it seems we've a few hours yet to wait before that becomes clear. Check the read link for an unboxing of the white Korean model should you so desire.