Video: Hands-on with Onyx International's Boox e-reader

Onyx International may just be breaking into the e-reader world, but it's pretty confident that its Boox will be a hit when it ships (at least to the US) in three or so months. We spoke with representatives from the company that were on hand here at CeBIT, and while they wouldn't divulge a definite price, they were adamant that it would be cheaper than Sony's PRS-700 Reader (which is $400). The model they had on hand wasn't quite ready for shipping, as the final model will sport a slightly different chassis than the white shell used for display. The OS, on the other hand, seemed ready to go, and we were able to catch an Onyx employee as he walked through a number of the menus and options. Have a look at the video after the break to judge for yourself if it's ready to compete with the big boys.