Garmin nvi 1200 and 1300 hands-on

As with Navigon's booth yesterday, Garmin's CeBIT showcase was overflowing with Earthlings. Many of which, as you could likely guess, were swooning over the recently announced nüvi 1200 and 1300 series navigators. Naturally, the flavors found here in Hannover were those with different variations of European maps, but aside from the routes, everything will be the same on North American versions. The hippest addition to these two are the public transit maps, which inform individuals on foot what subway / tube to hop on, where to get off, which bus to take from there and how long to stay on. Frankly, it's a Euro-tripper's dream come true. Check out the photo gallery below, and if you're wondering, there's evidently no "Engadget" within the confines of "Germany." We'd argue otherwise, of course.