Kindle 2 hacked for tethered web browsing, but not the way you think

Looking to hook your laptop up to your Kindle 2 and do a bit of free-riding on its built-in 3G modem? Then this is not the hack for you. If, on the other hand, you've been pining to browse the web on your Kindle and eschew the convenience of wireless connectivity, then you're in luck! Apparently, the Kindle 2 has a few surprises in its debug mode that the original Kindle didn't have, one of which is a USB networking facility that will let you bypass the usual 3G option and instead take advantage of the internet connection on a connected computer. Not the most practical option, to be sure, but it also probably won't cause Amazon to start breathing down your neck (as the other, as yet not possible option, likely would). Hit up the link below for the complete how-to.

[Via SlashGear]