Magna, Mitsubishi show off electric vehicle concepts in Geneva

We're not sure if it has anything to do with its falling out with Telsa or not, but auto-parts maker Magna International looks to have really gone all out for this year's Geneva Motor Show, where it is showing off its new Mila EV concept vehicle. Apparently, in addition to proving that it can build more than just parts, Magna is hoping that the vehicle will appeal to manufactures who want a turn-key EV platform that they can quickly get into production. Magna even seems to be going so far as to supply the batteries for the vehicle, which it says could have a charging time of just 2.5 hours and a range of 150 kilometers. Also offering up an EV concept at the show is Mitsubishi, which has rolled out an update to its iMiEV electric vehicle in the form of the iMiEV Sport Air (pictured after the break). In addition to getting an even more eye-catching, head-scratching look, this one also gets a boost in range from 100 to 120 miles, and a bit of an increase in performance from a new 60 kW motor. Dive into the links below for a closer look at each.

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