NVIDIA gets further up Intel's chuff with pledge to develop an x86 CPU

Hoo boy, we haven't seen a corporate case of Hatfield vs. McCoy like NVIDIA vs. Intel since, well, last month's little Apple vs. Palm tiff. While these two makers of all things silicon have rarely been on the best of terms, things have been rather testy lately with Intel slamming NVIDIA's Ion platform, complaints to which the company summarily dismissed. But, the GPU maker with big aspirations apparently wasn't done there, continuing the rebuttal by pledging to attack the core of Intel's business: the x86 processor. This verbal salvo was fired by Michael Hara, NVIDIA's VP in charge of investor and public relations, who indicated the company would start making CPUs for integrated devices like MIDs and netbooks sometime in the next two to three years. We can't say as we blame NVIDIA for wanting a piece of Intel's delectable Atom pie, but given how long we've been hearing rumors of an NVIDIA x86 CPU, we'll believe it when we see it. Maybe these two should just go ahead and set up the PR cage match already?

[Thanks, Alex]