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Video: Rollin' Justin and DESIRE robots take out trash, follow commands

Future Parc Hall, an out-of-the-way palace where we spotted Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft's iPoint 3D yesterday, was also home to two of the baddest, most sophisticated robots we've ever had the pleasure of watching. Tattooed DESIRE (the orange guy) and Rollin' Justin (the blue fellow), these two humanoids were built with the hope of one day being available for sale to elderly and single individuals who need another being around the house to take care of things. DESIRE seemed mighty great at picking up random cans and tossing 'em in the garbage, while Rollin' Justin listened intently to commands from his master, spoke aloud to confirm them, and then obeyed. We captured everything on video for those who couldn't make it to CeBIT, so hop on past the break to have a look.

DESIRE throws out old cans

Rollin' Justin obeys commands, shows off behind German announcer