ZillionTV brings ad-based streaming content to the television

Just in case hooking up ZeeVee's ZvBox and getting access to all available online media is too difficult, there's ZillionTV. This admittedly interesting startup is looking to pick up where Hulu, ZeeVee, Netflix Watch Instantly and all the rest have left off by bringing true on-demand content to one's television (read: not PC or mobile device) for almost nothing. For a one-time fee of "under $100," users will be given a ZBar and a ZRemote, both of which enable interaction with the VUI interface. Put as simply as possible, ZillionTV is hooking up with ISPs, content producers and advertisers in order to bring loads of popular material to the TV sans a subscription, though you will have to watch ads (which are optionally customizable to preferences) in order to play along. The company asserts that SD quality content can be achieved with a 3Mbps connection, while HD material will need upwards of 7Mbps. Currently, a beta program is ongoing, but a nationwide launch is expected by Q4. To be frank, this whole setup is rather complicated, so we'll point you past the break for a more detailed breakdown.

ZillionTV Company Overview

Imagine, for a moment, that all TV viewers could collectively make the rules for a day. What would they change? They would want "on demand" to actually mean what it says, and make their favorite programs available to them immediately. They would insist on more options for finding new and favorite shows, and the ability to personalize their viewing experience. They would ask for less advertising, and the ability to watch ads most relevant to their interests that they can pick themselves. And finally, they'd like the choice of watching whatever program they choose without paying a monthly subscription.

Now these demands have been answered.

The ZillionTV™ Service ( is a breakthrough television entertainment platform that gives television lovers instant access to an extensive entertainment library of new and classic TV shows, movies, sports, music and more – all on-demand and delivered directly to their television sets. The ZillionTV Service offers subscription-free access to entertainment content from Hollywood studios and TV networks, tapping the libraries of Disney, 20th Century Fox Television, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures and Warner Bros. Digital Distribution.

Once selected by the viewer, each TV-quality program is streamed without delay to the TV set. All that's required to start watching is a standard high-speed Internet connection, the free ZillionTV™ Device and innovative motion-sensing ZillionTV™ Remote control, and a TV.

ZillionTV's partnership with Visa offers viewers a secure and convenient way to make purchases. By linking their Visa card with the ZillionTV™ Service, viewers will have the power to purchase products directly from their TV by using the patented ZillionTV™ Buy Now Button on the motion-sensing ZillionTV™ Remote control. ZillionTV viewers also gain the opportunity to earn rewards through a compelling loyalty program, simply by selecting and viewing ads from categories they've personally selected or watching the programming they love.

ZillionTV does more than put a television remote in the hands of viewers. ZillionTV puts the power of choice, control and personalization into their hands as well.

The Origin of ZillionTV
The idea for ZillionTV originated with Peter Redford, a renowned Silicon Valley pioneer who had been instrumental in the development of many game-changing technology inventions, including the computer mouse, graphical user interface and Macromedia Flash player. When he created the first ZillionTV prototype in early 2007, Peter envisioned the TV equivalent of a magazine stand, delivering niche programs to satisfy the hundreds of hobbies and interests not covered on mainstream broadcasts.

After seeing an initial demonstration of the technology in Peter's home, veteran TV industry executive Mitch Berman signed on in March 2007 to make the idea of ZillionTV a reality. After 25 years of leadership at entertainment and technology pioneers including HBO, E! Entertainment Television, Sky Network Television New Zealand, Galaxy Media Australia (FOXTEL), OpenTV and C-COR, Mitch immediately recognized the potential of ZillionTV and recruited an executive team of innovative thinkers and industry heavyweights. One early decision was to enhance Peter's original vision of delivering solely niche programming, and begin building a vast library of popular TV shows and movies.

Throughout 2007 and early 2008, executives of the up-and-coming company focused on forming partnerships, developing the technology and raising capital. By spring 2008, the details of the ZillionTV Service began to fall into place.

How The ZillionTV™ Service Works
To truly stand out from a sea of existing TV services, ZillionTV recognized that it must offer a completely new way for television lovers to experience television, while making programs easily accessible and fun to explore.

ZillionTV Chief Creative Officer David Dozoretz, who worked for more than a decade at Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) and LucasFilm and supervised visual effects for the "Star Wars" series, was enthralled with the promise of ZillionTV. He came on board with the challenge of overhauling the traditional "set-top box" framework and television viewer experience. The result is a stylish, one-of-a-kind industrial design for a WiFi-enabled device that seamlessly attaches to the top of any television set. An innovative motion-sensing remote control completes the experience. David also led the charge on the creation of the VUI™ Experience, a multidimensional on-screen user interface designed to help viewers quickly and easily sort through a multitude of television shows and films, as well as discover new programs based on categories of interest such as genre, actor or subject matter.

But the best part is that the ZillionTV Service is completely subscription-free – no monthly subscription is required. And, there is no charge for the device or remote control. Viewers only pay a nominal, one-time, initial service activation fee. Revenue is generated through advertising, pay-per-program fees and television commerce.

The ZillionTV Service shifts control of TV advertising to the viewer, empowering them to select the specific ad categories they want to watch. And by watching ads from personally selected categories that are meaningful to them, viewers can view their programming for free. Viewers can even choose not to see any ads, and instead pay a nominal per-program fee. The benefits of watching ads go beyond free service, however, as viewers earn reward points for each advertising-supported program they see or pay-per-view program they purchase.

Television commerce comes to life on the ZillionTV Service through two distinct differentiators. First, an exclusive Buy Now Button is featured on the ZillionTV™ Remote Control. Second, and equally powerful, is ZillionTV Corporation's partnership with Visa, the world's largest payment brand, to create a one-of-a-kind television commerce environment that will give viewers the power to purchase products directly from their television set.

Viewers will enjoy personalized television entertainment within a secure service governed by a thoughtful yet stringent privacy policy that gives viewers notice, choice and control over the type of personal information that is collected, used and shared.

What's On The ZillionTV™ Service
ZillionTV Corporation's agreements with a growing roster of major Hollywood studios and TV networks gives ZillionTV viewers immediate access to their favorite television programs ranging from full seasons of TV shows, as well as blockbuster and classic movies, to contemporary and classic sports, music and more.

All ZillionTV programming is available 24/7. Viewers never need to record a program because the program library is always there, ready to start and stop whenever the viewer desires.

How ZillionTV Is Changing The Entertainment Industry
The benefits of the ZillionTV Service aren't only enjoyed by its viewers. Content owners and advertisers also reap significant rewards as ZillionTV has created a new and innovative business model that puts a brand new twist on traditional content, advertising delivery and revenue opportunities.

Content Owner Advantages:
In exchange for providing quality content, major studios, television networks and independent content owners receive a cost-effective, quick and fully customizable distribution platform direct to consumers via the ZillionTV Service. Without any content constraints or limitations, the ZillionTV Service gives content owners more expansive access to viewing audiences and allows them to monetize their vast content libraries. And, as the ZillionTV Service eliminates the traditional concept of numerical channels, viewers no longer have to page through lengthy program guides. Instead, each network, and even every show, retains its own identity.

The ZillionTV Service offers the potential to tailor content offerings based on geography, demographics and even psychographics and can also measure engagement and solicit feedback to each program, making it a perfect outlet to gauge consumer response to new and existing shows. In addition, content providers are directly monetized according to the volume of viewership associated with their content.

Advertiser Advantages:
Advertisers experience a revolutionary new way to ensure that viewers actually experience their advertising within an industry already hard-hit by the proliferation of ad-skipping DVR technology. The ZillionTV Service offers the most highly targeted form of interactive and addressable advertising by allowing viewers to watch content for free, while viewing ads from categories that they have personally selected. A key benefit to advertisers is that they only pay for actual ads viewed.

By opting in to view personally selected advertising with no fast forwarding allowed, the viewer actually earns rewards which can then be redeemed directly through the ZillionTV™ Remote Control. ZillionTV's innovative advertising model ensures that each ad is delivered to a receptive, captive audience, creating "zero waste" in media spends. This advertising structure also makes calculating a TV campaign's return-on-investment easier than ever before.

With a near 360-degree view of consumer behaviors and preferences, the ZillionTV™ Service provides advertisers with advanced, aggregated viewer data on overall viewing patterns and behaviors. Advertisers can also glean real metrics that link media spends to actual results, and link commercial viewing to purchase data.

What's Different About ZillionTV?
With the ZillionTV Service, the entertainment experience that television viewers love the most only gets better with just a few sweeps of the motion-sensing remote control.

But what truly sets the service apart? Ease, innovation and fun. No more viewing on a computer monitor. No more waiting for the DVD to arrive in the mail, or the download to finish. No more hard drives to fill or recordings to set. No more "hundreds of channels with nothing on." No more suffering through personally irrelevant advertisements. Best yet, all within an instant, easy, engaging and subscription-free world.

The ZillionTV Service is television that's always on demand, with endless opportunities for television lovers to finally enjoy entertainment on their own terms.