ASUS: Our Eee PC 1000He is better than Acer's Aspire One D150, fashion elegant too

When you're number two, you've always got a humble eye and a gun pointed at number one. Just look at Apple and those "Get a Mac" ads. Now in true Pepsi-challenge fashion, ASUS is trying to convince consumers that its Eee PC 1000He is vastly superior to Acer -- the number one seller of netbooks -- and its Aspire One D150. On the surface, the two laptops appear to be identical in that they share the same N280 processor, 10-inch display, and 1GB of DDR2 memory. Of course, same specs result in an equivalent application performance as seen in the reviews. But if you look closer (as ASUS hopes), you'll see that the 1000He features a larger keyboard and touchpad, faster 802.11n WiFi, and more robust 8,700mAH battery and power management compared to the 5,800mAH jobbie found on the Aspire One. ASUS takes the comparisons much deeper though, right on down to the size of the power bricks to prove its point. Ok ASUS, you win... too bad better products don't always translate to market dominance.

P.S. Picture of the competing transformers after the break because we know you're wondering.