ASUS phasing out 7-inch Eee PC, original Eee motto, keeping 9-incher

Given the furious pace of Eee PC updates and the industry's general standardization around nine- and 10-inch netbooks, it's not exactly shocking news that ASUS is phasing out seven-inch Eees, but it's still sad to see the original of the species shuffle off this mortal coil. According to ASUS CEO Jonny Shih, the company is going to be focusing on 10-inch models like the new Eee 1008HA, and although the company previously said the 8.9-inchers were due to axed as well, Shih says they're not going anywhere due to demand from telecom providers and emerging markets. Oh, and the company is also changing the meaning of the Eee acronym from the original "easy to learn, easy to work, easy to play" to "easy, excellent, exciting." Honestly? This changes everything.

[Via PC World]