Transparent "ViVid Screen" can be affixed to windows, cut into shapes

Screens that can be switched from a transparent to an opaque state aren't exactly anything new, but LinkEarth Corp looks to be a taking a somewhat novel approach with its new so-called ViVid Screen, which it says is particularly well suited for digital signage. As with similar screens, this one employs some electrodes that become transparent when a current is applied, but it also makes use of a new "sponge-like" polymer acrylic structure that prevents the liquid crystals from leaking out even if the screen is bent or cut. That, the company says, will let folks cut the screens to any shape they like, and affix them directly to windows, letting businesses project an image onto them at night and simply switch 'em to transparent during the day. At over $1,500 for a 40-inch model, however, the screens aren't exactly the cheapest option out there, though the company will do custom screens up to 80 inches if you really want to go all out.