Video: Eee Dock app launcher demoed on Eee PC 1008HA

While we've already shown you exactly what ASUS' new Eee PC 1008HA looks like, we stopped by again today to take a peek at a less obvious new addition. The Eee Dock app launcher is making its debut on this here netbook, giving users an easy way to access a few common areas from a pull-out dock that can be positioned on the top, bottom or left / right sides. While we assume the 1008HA we toyed with had been on for days sans a reboot, the Eee Dock was a touch sluggish, though it did seem to get the job done if you weren't expecting lighting fast reactions. Our biggest knock was the inability to customize what apps and locations could pop out from the main menu, though we're cautiously hoping ASUS adds that ability in the future. Hit play above to have a look, or feel free to browse the stills below if that's more your style.