GM Dave goes for a ride in World of Warcraft, finds out it's not Final Fantasy XI

Everyone's favorite drunken Final Fantasy XI game master, GM Dave, has decided to finally cross over to the dark side and take a spin in World of Warcraft. Instead of relating his experiences with feeding people who call GMs for unnecessary reasons to the FFXI dragon Jormungand, he's been asked to relate his experiences with World of Warcraft for one entire week by one of his site's donators.

Surprisingly enough, even after an entire post about how his wife cheated on him with WoW, his feelings ended up being mixed with the game. While he enjoyed certain aspects of it, other aspects, like the community and ease of gameplay, put him off from full enjoyment. But, as he said in his blog, regarding playing a paladin, "I didn't hate it. That's big for me. I hate everything."

GM Dave's full impressions of a week of playing can be found over at his blog, Bannable Offenses, and are all prefixed with the title "WoW."