Google issues first Android Dev Phone 1 update, clarifies paid app situation

Android Dev Phone 1 owners are pretty much expected to handle their own business when it comes to firmware updates, but those of you who like to kick it official take note: El Goog's just released Android 1.1 for its totally unlocked version of the G1. Most of the fixes are to do with POP3 accounts, although paid apps are now supported with a catch: you won't be able to access any paid apps that use Android's hilariously weak-ass copy protection features, because the ADP1 comes rooted out of the box and thus able to read / write the folder protected apps are stored in. So yeah, ADP1 owners now have access to paid apps that don't have copy protection -- we're guessing that's not a large number. Honestly, we don't see the point of this: nothing's ever going to stop piracy, and pissing off the people willing to buy $400 unlocked phones that don't come with support doesn't seem like the best way to build brand loyalty. Maybe you want to reconsider, guys?