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Playing both sides: Nokia says its 4G position 'has not changed'

Coupled with the discontinuation of the N810 WiMAX, Nokia's intention to get LTE devices into the marketplace by next year had many folks thinking that the company was starting to sour on WiMAX altogether, but -- at least officially -- it turns out that's not the case. Nokia has contacted us today to let us know that its positions on the battling 4G technologies have not changed, emphasizing that the N810 WiMAX's departure "does not apply to other WiMAX business development efforts that Nokia is involved in." Considering the growing belief that both of these technologies are here to stay -- that is, it's not looking like an HD DVD vs. Blu-ray-style battle of attrition -- it's a shrewd attitude for Nokia to take.

It gets juicier, though: Nokia is also refuting claims that it has entered into an exclusive agreement to develop a touchscreen LTE device with Verizon: "While we have not entered into any exclusive agreement for 4G touch screen device development as is being reported, we will continue to follow and pursue developments as a normal course of business." In other words, "we're not opposed to the idea, but we haven't yet." Sorry to leave you hanging, Verizon subscribers, but the good news is that we're pretty confident these two giants are in bed together for the long haul in one capacity or another.