Intel admits that GN40 chipset is no match for Blu-ray

We know, we're just being greedy at this point, but hey -- did you honestly expect anything less? We knew Intel's new Atom N280 processor, when paired with the equally fresh GN40 chipset, could deliver silky smooth 720p video playback. What we didn't know, however, was how well it could handle 1080p material. According to Fudzilla, an Intel product manager has stated that the GN40 is "designed to do 1080p HD playback for typical broadband internet content," but that it wasn't engineered to "enable full Blu-ray capability where the bitrates and demands of multi-layer content are significantly higher than that of internet HD content." The optimist within us is hoping that the GN40's successor will take the next logical step and handle BD films, but we wouldn't dare suggest you get your own hopes up that high if you're not good with handling disappointment.

[Image courtesy of TechArena]