Lenovo intros small, green ThinkCentre A58 and M58e desktops

Quite frankly, it's immensely challenging to find desktops more apt to make computer users fall asleep at the keys than Lenovo's ThinkCentre line, but thankfully, they're not exactly aimed at the "1337 gaming crowd." In an effort to continue shrinking the size of towers and blasting us all with the company's profound green vibes, the ThinkCentre A58 and M58e have been introduced, bringing with 'em Intel Core 2 Duo / Core 2 Quad CPUs, onboard graphics, up to 1TB of HDD space, upwards of 4GB of RAM, optional Blu-ray drives for the really productive employees and all sorts of bloatware that keeps corporate machines from booting up a second before the coffee's ready. For those of you still awake, you can buy either of these joyous boxes next month starting at $399.