Black Nokia N79 would be invisible, awesome in the dark

We'd previously seen all-black N79s make cameos on regional Nokia sites around the world, but now, we've got some in-the-wild shots to gander. In short, it's awesome -- the front is a refreshing, stealthy change from the white we're used to. Like its paler counterpart, this one includes three battery covers that presumably automatically change the phone's theme when attached, but this time around you've got a patterned silver, patterned black, and plain black cover to choose from. From the keypad, this appears to be a Taiwanese localized version of the phone, and we'd definitely stop short of saying this version's going to be available through European or American channels -- but on behalf of the world's spies, ninjas, secret operatives, and anyone else who needs camouflage in the cover of night, we're hoping it does.

[Via Daily Mobile]