Brush & Rinse magical toothbrush about ready for production

It's a insanely simple idea, but Amron Experimental really captured a lot of hearts, minds and minty-fresh mouths with its Brush & Rinse toothbrush concept. Sporting the same boring bristles and molded plastic of every other toothbrush produced this century, the Brush & Rinse has a slightly indented back, which lets you redirect water and... well, brush and rinse. Unfortunately, the last time the thing was in the news, it was a prototype selling for $1,750, so we're happy to see it down to the much more reasonable pre-order price of $1.18 a pop -- though they need to presell 50,000 units before they can go into production. Regular people will be able to pick one up for $5 once they get that minimum out of the way. Exciting action video is after the break.
[Via Gadget Lab]