Sony VP Ray Maguire claims UMD 'wasn't brilliant' for third parties, forgets we're living in the present

Apparently the folks at Sony Computer Entertainment UK are experiencing some time anomalies of late, with Senior VP Ray Maguire talking about PSP's much-abused UMD format in the past tense. It might not be the biggest blunder on earth -- he stated that "The UMD model wasn't brilliant for third parties," and it certainly hasn't been -- but with rumors all over about Sony dropping the format in the near future, it's not looking good for those little ill-fated discs. Maguire went on to add, "The downloads side of it will increasingly become a bigger part of its future," so it looks like either way we know where Sony's emphasis lies, and we won't be shedding too many tears if / when it comes to pass.

[Via Joystiq]