HP Mini 1000 VGA cables: hard to get, hard to use?

HP's Mini 1000 certainly hasn't had much difficultly attracting its share of fans, but it looks like those wanting to hook the netbook up to an external monitor have been having their patience tested considerably as of late. According to reports on the HP Support Forums, the promised VGA adapter for the netbook has been nigh impossible to come by and, for the time being at least, HP doesn't seem to be getting any more specific than "early 2009" about widespread availability. The headaches might not end then, however, as some folks have been reporting problems with the VGA out for the very similar Mini 2140 netbook, and with a USB-to-VGA adapter used with the Mini 1000. In both cases, the Mini 1000 is apparently unable to automatically detect the external monitor's native resolution, so it simply pumps out a standard 1024 x 768 resolution no matter what size monitor is hooked up. Looking for more tales of woe? Then dive into thread linked below for the full rundown of laments.

[Thanks, Shane]