Here come the new iPod shuffle accessories

Now that everyone is getting used to the new iPod shuffle, the accessory makers are already pumping out the third-party additions (or at least announcing them). Some of the more interesting ones I've seen so far are:

  • the Dexim Shu-Lip (right) that basically offers a streamlined 1/8" plug to USB dongle that turns the new shuffle into a thumb drive ($10).

  • Headphones with included button controller as well as an adapter for existing headphones that just adds just the button controller from Scosche ($49.95 - $99.99 coming in "the Spring").

  • Headphones with controller from Klipsch ($99.99 "this summer").

  • Headphones with controller from Etymotic (pdf link) (availability not announced).

In any case, if you're interested in dressing up the newest tiny iPod, it looks like the third-party makers have got your back (or at least they will by this summer).

[via Gizmodo, Macworld, iLounge]