Dell Adamo to arrive tomorrow: $1,999

Not a ton of details to work with here, but Dell's confirmed to the hometown Austin American Statesman that the 13-inch Adamo we saw at CES will indeed launch tomorrow and be priced at $1,999. As expected, the machine will be just the first in an entire line of high-end Adamo-branded machines, but we don't know if Dell has anything else in store right away -- hopefully we'll find out more soon, as the 13-inch version is due out in 24 countries including the states on March 26th. Ballsy move launching a premium line in the shadow of Apple's iPhone 3.0 event, but you know we'll bring you all the details as soon as we have 'em.

Well, that was fast -- the Adamo is apparently already floating around SXSW in Austin. No specs yet, but that's a picture of the box up there. Yeah, it's hot. Check out a bunch more pics by Brian Solis here.

[Thanks, Billy]