Wacom goes clubbing, unveils nextbeat NXT-1000 for "creative DJs," nothing for derivative ones

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|03.16.09

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Wacom goes clubbing, unveils nextbeat NXT-1000 for
We've been patiently waiting for Wacom to officially announce its upcoming Intuos4 tablet (recently caught by Mr. Blurrycam), so were were totally caught off-guard when the company instead unveiled a sort of foray into the music biz, a digital DJ interface destined for release in time to hit Japanese and European clubs this summer. It's called the nextbeat NXT-1000, a device with a plethora of knobs, buttons, and a small LCD for controlling samples, plus a touch-sensitive pad that seems to act as a turntable and a fingertip drum machine in one. That pad actually pops out, maintaining a wireless connection to the base and enabling fleet-footed DJs to show some moves off-stage while still dropping beats -- assuming their cans are wireless too. No word on cost at this point, but can you really put a price on that sort of musical freedom?

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[Via gizmag]
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