Sony Ericsson's MS500 Bluetooth speaker makes old people cranky

Annoyed by urban youth and their desire to fill the world with "music" from the tin-can speakers on their cellphones? Yeah? Then prepare yourself old man 'cause your curmudgeon knob is about to get a twist from this new Bluetooth 2.1+EDR speaker from Sony Ericsson. The MS500 2-watt speaker is designed for mobility with a durable splash-proof shell, wrist-strap, and hook allowing it to be tethered to any messenger bag for up to 5-hours (off AA batteries) of optimal annoyance. Although pictured in the wide-open spaces favored by the beautiful, expect to see the MS500 riding the subway seat next to you when it ships on an unspecified date for an undisclosed price. One more product shot after the break.