Portland customers to get bundled WiMAX courtesy of Comcast

Portland, Oregon was the first place to get a taste of Clearwire's own WiMAX service, so it's not exactly all that surprising that it's also going to be the first to get Comcast's version of the very same high-speed wireless service. Of course, this being Comcast, you can also expect to see the WiMAX service offered in bundles with its TV, phone, and broadband services when it launches "midyear," although there's no indication of pricing just yet (Clearwire charges between $20 and $50 a month). As The Oregonian points out, this is also a pretty clear indication that Comcast will be following Clearwire's lead as it expands into additional markets, and it's apparently even pushing Clearwire to deploy its service as quickly as possible, with Comcast COO Stephen Burke saying, "we didn't invest in Clearwire to make money on the stock. We invested in Clearwire to roll out a product that our customers want."

[Via FierceBroadbandWireless, thanks Loren]