The Pwn2Own trifecta: Safari, IE 8, and Firefox exploited on day 1

That didn't take long. One day into the Pwn2Own hacking competition at CanSecWest and already Apple, Microsoft, and Mozilla have been sent packing to their respective labs to work on security issues in their browsers. In a repeat performance, Charlie Miller pocketed a $5,000 cash prize and a fully-patched MacBook by splitting it wide, and gaining full control of the device after a user clicked on his malicious link. Another white-hatter by the name Nils (pictured) toppled Internet Explorer 8 running on a Windows 7 laptop -- again, the five grand and compromised VAIO P laptop are now his to keep as compensation for turning over the malicious code. So much for "protection that no other browser can match," eh Mr. Ballmer? Nils then demonstrated a second Safari exploit before hacking Firefox later in the afternoon netting him a cool $15k by the close of day one. Only Google's Chrome was left unscathed -- Opera isn't part of the contest. This year's contest will also offer a $10,000 prize for every vulnerability successfully exploited in Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian, and the iPhone and BlackBerry OSes. In other words: this contest that runs through Friday isn't over by any stretch.