HTC Cedar portrait-style WinMo smartphone for CDMA hits FCC

Look out, Palm -- you've got what's apt to be a formidable opponent creeping right up on your next big thing. A frustratingly vague FCC filing has just appeared, which details (if you can even call it that) an elusive new HTC CEDA200 smartphone that's apparently portrait-styled, Windows Mobile-powered and ready to rock on a (gasp!) CDMA network. The filing clearly asks the dear ole FCC to hold photos until July 30th, which lines right up with that Q2 launch date we've heard about for a so-called HTC Cedar (or Willow). Obviously, it's too early to tell just yet if this is that very phone, but either way, you can count on something good from HTC crossing the CDMA airwaves in the not-too-terribly-distant future.