Samsung Papyrus e-book reader on track for Korean launch this summer

Samsung had an early version of its Papyrus e-book reader on hand at CES, but it looks like a spruced up version of the device is now making the rounds in Europe, and the company has taken advantage of the opportunity to dish out a few new details. The biggest of those is word that the device will launch in Korea this June, after which Samsung will reportedly "aim" to see it released "eventually" in the US and the UK. As for the handheld itself, it's an A5-sized device, and packs a touchscreen that makes use of an included aluminum stylus, along with 512MB of internal memory (with no memory card option) and, of course, a stylish leatherette case. You won't get any Kindle-style cellular connectivity though, or apparently any WiFi either for that matter. On the upside, Samsung is apparently looking to keep this one under the $300 mark, although it's not quite ready to get official with a price just yet. Of course, all of that assumes it doesn't get into a tangle with Sharp over the name, which seems like a distinct possibility.

[Via TechRadar]