Wacom's Intuos4 removes layers, gets previewed

We've already seen some blurred image of the Wacom Intuos4's box and in-store display, and now we've got some much cleaner shots and hands-on impressions from ThatPoshGirls, which seems to have come back from a years-long hiatus just to cover this tablet. The new pen base is well-received, as are the LED screens that remind what each button is programmed to do. Overall, it's what you've come to expect from the Intuos series, along with improved Windows Vista compatibility. It's worth noting that the Amazon price was spotted when a product review was submitted and was quoted at $350 for the 6 x 9 inch medium, a little less than the $480 Canadian price from Future Shop we saw yesterday. Hit up the read link below for more pics of the tablet, its pen, and most importantly, cleaner shots of the box. Of course, we're still waiting on Wacom to even acknowledge its existence, but we'd expect that announcement to be just around the corner at this point.

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