GDC09: Actual Duke Nukem games on PSP/DS

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GDC09: Actual Duke Nukem games on PSP/DS
Apogee's Duke Nukem Trilogy already eclipsed Duke Nukem Forever with its mindblowingly awesome, yet content-free, trailer. But now it has surpassed Forever even more, by existing! And, as if to show off, it's six games. Sort of.

As OhGizmo! explains, Duke Nukem Trilogy features three games, which have the same stories, but are presented in a different style on DS than on PSP. The PSP versions are M-rated, with content that will be "tasteful, but it'll still be Duke." The DS versions will be T-rated, and thus toned down a bit in terms of dialogue and gratuitous strippers.

The best part? The first game, Duke Nukem: Critical Mass, was actually there! There was a demonstration on both PSP and DS. Try that, Duke Nukem Forever. Try being playable on a game system.

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