Nintendo ships 50 million Wii consoles, which still isn't enough

Earlier this month, both AMD and IBM announced that they had shipped the 50 millionth Wii GPU and CPU, respectively, so it was only a matter of time before Nintendo came forward to say what everyone was already thinking: the Big N has shipped 50 million Wii consoles worldwide. Today at the outfit's Game Developers Conference keynote, Satoru Iwata confirmed that it had moved "more than 50 million" units, making it "the fastest selling video game hardware in history." Interestingly enough, the company also announced its 100 millionth DS shipment just under a fortnight ago, so it's pretty safe to say things are going well in the Mushroom Kingdom. Now, if only it could get through a Christmas without ruining the lives of hundreds of thousands of kids with procrastinating parents, we'd be able to hand over a "kudos" with a straight face.