Acer F1 coming in September, powered by Snapdragon?

Is one of Acer's mysterious smartphones packing a Qualcomm Snapdragon? According to the folks at All About Phones who reportedly attended an Acer event recently, the F1 will be running the 800MHz ARM chip, which is a tad slower than the 1000MHz equivalent in the TG01. The device will be Windows Mobile 6.5-based, but that's supposedly gonna be shrouded by a Flash-based Acer Suite 2.0 shell. The report also mentions a September release, which jibes with what we saw on that makeshift roadmap at Mobile World Congress, and a 560 Euro ($760) price tag. Nothing's confirmed, but between Acer, HTC, Samsung, and LG, surely someone's gearing up to join Toshiba in the Snapdragon bandwagon.

[Via Unwired View]