Cisco Media Hub reviewed, punched like a baby

Cisco's been trying to make themselves comfortable in our living rooms over the last few years with variable success. For Cisco, the more audio, home spun video, TV, and just plain data they can entice you to push around your house, and The Net in general, translates to warm willowy cash riding an OSPF packet direct into Cisco's pocket. Now we've got a review from HotHardware of Cisco's latest, the Linksys Media Hub Network Attached Storage device. Unfortunately for Cisco, the review politely ripped the Media Hub to shreds. It's most compelling feature -- the intuitive, built-in, Internet accessible Media Browser -- would "lose" media and "frequently" degrade performance during database rebuilds that kicked off throughout the day. Issues that could be solved via firmware update -- someday... probably. The price is also set too high compared to other NAS devices in the same capacity range. For about the same dough, you can get the Business Edition of the 2TB Maxtor Central Axis NAS preferred by HH. Fortunately for you, you've seen the review prior to handing Cisco your $350. You did wait for the review, right?