Fast & Furious Blu-ray Trilogy reviewed, D-BOX shines

The new Fast & Furious, not to be confused with the old Fast & Furious, is all set to become the first major theatrical release with D-BOX baked in. And as TheHDRoom points out, these movies were just born to be felt as well as watched. When reviewing the trilogy on Blu-ray, they found these discs immediately among their favorite D-BOX discs. More specifically, they noted that the sensation was strong and engrossing throughout, especially when cars were changing gears -- though they did confess that Tokyo Drift suffered from jolts that were just too faint to really enjoy. Of course, you'd have to be the world's biggest F&F fan to let this trio of flicks convince you to pick up one of those pricey D-BOX motion chairs, but if you're leaning that way, give the read link a look beforehand.