Futaba thinks Field Emission Displays are still the future

Sony may have given up hope on the future of Field Emission Displays (FEDs) -- CRTs that rely on flat electron emitters, ditching the cumbersome tube and the bulk that goes along with it -- but Futaba is still moving forward, demoing a series of displays for Engineering TV in a video embedded for your viewing pleasure below. The company isn't exactly well-known in consumer display circles (head down to your local hobby shop for a schooling on its most famous products), but despite that seems to be no slouch, able to make these things as slim as 4.2mm while delivering the image quality and contrast ratios of a CRT, all at a lower energy consumption. Could this be the future of the car dashboard? Right now we'd just be happy with some more responsive servos for our RC10; we'd be even more of a force to be reckoned with at the local 1:10 scale dirt track.