Samsung begins production on edge-lit LED-backlit HDTV panels

Samsung's being a bit ambiguous with this one, but we won't deny that we're drooling pretty heavily over these new panels. Said outfit has just revealed that mass production has begun on the industry's first "ultra-slim LCD panels suited for large size TVs," and while we're wondering what exactly it means by that, we can't help but appreciate the attributes. We're told that the unique edge-lit LED backlighting offers lighter weight and thinner designs compared to standard direct-lit LED LCDs, and moreover, a 55-inch Samsung HDTV with edge-lit LED backlighting "uses up to 40 percent less power than conventional LCD TVs." The panels measure just 0.42-inches thick and are being produced in 40-, 46- and 55-inch sizes. We're still waiting to hear back from Sammy on whether these are the same ones used in the energy-efficient LCD HDTVs announced at CES or new models altogether, but 'til then, you can feel free to start digging in the couches for spare pennies.