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SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry exits beta, iPhone version submitted to App Store

Get ready, BlackBerry users, because your days are officially about to become less productive (or, at the very least, your mass transit commutes). You too, iPhone types -- not to say you didn't already have enough time-wasting apps cluttering that 8 to 16GB wasteland you call "storage" in your pocket -- because SlingPlayer Mobile is destined for both of these platforms. BlackBerry's already had it since December in beta form, but they're now at a stable 1.0 release; and speaking of 1.0 releases, that iPhone version Sling's been talking up for a while now has now been submitted to Apple's App Store for approval, so we hope we'll be seeing that on the open market shortly. Now, if you'll excuse us, we have some Dora to watch on the Bold.

[Via TUAW, thanks Digitac]

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