Windows 7 Touch logo program detailed, Release Candidate "at the end of May"

In a bid to help consumers recognize PCs optimized for new Windows 7 multi-touch controls, Microsoft has started... (can you guess?)... a logo program. Not that those "Vista Capable" stickers were of much use. Just think, now our new convertible laptops will be graced with loads of crapware and stickers touting Designed for Window 7, Intel inside, nVIDIA graphics or similar, and now Windows Touch, too. Of course, Microsoft's slide-ruled hearts are in the right place: the Windows Touch logo is meant to identify machines featuring all the required improvements in hardware (such as accuracy, sample rate, and resolution of the display) to ensure that gestures are recognized and that users can successfully target common UI elements like "I'm over 18" boxes. The logo program also quantifies the requirements for drivers (hooray!) and applications (natch). Certified machines must pass a 43-step test that validates the core requirements under different conditions. Every device submitted for logo will be tested in-house by Microsoft. Hit the read link for the exhaustive detail straight from the unicorn's mouth.

P.S. The BBC's report on the new logo program says that Microsoft will kick out the Windows 7 release candidate for users "at the end of May," not April as previously rumored.

[Via BBC]