Caption contest: creepy clown as excited about Renee Zellweger's Bold as she is

Nothing irks us more than big dudes in blush standing well within our personal space while we're trying to show off our Bold to a small army of paparazzi.

Chris: "It's a Taser, too! Watch!"
Ross: "To be honest, I don't think Verizon's 'My Network' should ever have a casual dress day."
Don: "It does everything except erase this image from your memory!"
Paul: "This is so exciting, I'm going to write about it... in my diary!"
Josh: "Welcome to Hell."
Joe: "After Jack White, being seen in public with a clown was really no big deal."
Thomas: "We're just two happy party clowns, sitting down to a plate of beef. White- powdery- beef."
Jacob: "I got it FREE on contract!!!"
Nilay: "You complete me."