Sony's VPL-FW41 projector don't need no darkness to shine

Sony's certainly got lots of cheaper, higher-res options out there for folks who've already sealed out all of the light from their downstairs den (er, "home theater room"), but if you're looking for something to cut through ambient light, search no more. The VPL-FW41 WXGA 3LCD beamer sports an expected 1,280 x 800 native resolution but impresses with its 4,500 lumens of light output -- or enough to make The Sun look like a faraway glow in comparison. All kidding aside, Sony's newest PJ should do wonders for rooms with oodles of sunshine seeping in, and the 12-bit 3D gamma correction circuitry, HDMI socket and 3D digital comb-filter should keep most everyone happy. Unfortunately, you'll be paying for all that brightness, with the MSRP sitting at $6,710.

[Via AboutProjectors]