Windows Mobile 7 screenshots (or mockups, or something) leaked?

The past few days have seen the alleged leaks of a couple batches of Windows Mobile 7 screenshots, suggesting Microsoft's already hard at work on the successor to 6.5 -- something we've heard in the past, and given the state of 6.x, a rumor that isn't difficult to believe. To say the leaks look sketchy, though, would be an understatement; most prominently, none of them match, with different styling elements applied to every capture. Best case, we figure these are mockups -- not functional shots from an actual device or an emulator, but early, off-the-cuff stabs at a design language from a usability expert's late-night Illustrator session somewhere deep within Redmond. We like some of what we're seeing -- there are definitely at least a few elements here that look thoroughly modern -- but if there's any basis in reality to these, we're worried about the ill-conceived idea of putting battery strength and volume (or signal strength, depending on the shot) at the bottom of the display. Needless to say, there are very good reasons that kind of information gets consolidated to the top, not the least of which is that your thumbs aren't transparent. At least ours aren't, and if yours are, you should probably get that looked at.

Read - First batch
Read - Second batch