LG Xenon, Neon join Samsung Magnet and Impression on AT&T

Outside of the smartphone realm, AT&T's really stepping up its game in the feature phone game, too -- so let's take this clockwise from the top left, shall we? First up, we have the brightly-colored Samsung Magnet, targeted squarely at the teen audience looking for serious texting power in a cheap package. Pricing hasn't been announced, but it should be easy on the wallet; it'll be available in the next few weeks. Next is the Impression -- also from Samsung -- which we'd previously known as the a877, the very first handset to officially launch on a US carrier with a full AMOLED up front. The screen's 3.2 inches of organic touchscreen awesomeness, accompanied by a 3 megapixel cam and a full HTML browser, all launching on April 7 for $199.99 on contract after rebate. Down below, we have the LG Neon -- a phone that's already launched up north on Rogers -- offering a full landscape QWERTY keyboard in addition to a touchscreen display for a low price, thanks in no small part to its lack of 3G data. The launch day hasn't been set for this one, but it'll come shortly. Finally, we have the long-rumored Xenon, featuring 3G, a 2 megapixel cam, QWERTY slide, GPS, and your choice of colors -- black, blue, or red -- all for $99.99 when it launches on April 8.