NVIDIA revs up pro graphics lineup

Squabbles with Intel aside, NVIDIA's engineers have been keeping busy, and the company's got a whole slew of new high-powered workstation graphics chips to talk about this morning, along with new SLI virtualization support. The new gear ranges from the Quadro NVS 295, which'll drive two 30-inch displays for under $100, all the way up to the monster 4GB Quadro FX 5800, which packs 240 CUDA cores onto a PCI Express x16 card for $3150. The 5800 and baby brothers Quadro FX 3800 and 4800 all support SLI Multi-OS, which allows workstation users to tap into the cards using multiple OSes in Parallels -- the HP Z800 is the first machine off the line to offer the capability, but more will follow. Pretty geeky stuff, head to the read links for more info.

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