Windows 7 Starter Edition to pave the way for $200 netbooks?

Microsoft still hasn't nailed down all the specifics about its much talked about Windows 7 Starter Edition, but it looks like the company is all too happy to talk up a few of the potential side effects of the OS variant, including the promise of some actual $200 netbooks by this coming holiday season. Apparently, Microsoft sees netbooks running Windows 7 Starter Edition as all but replacing current entry-level Linux-based netbooks, which it says see a "disproportionate amount of returns," although the company insists that it will still market Home Premium as the default option for most netbooks. Microsoft also says that's it's going out of its way to make Windows 7 as accommodating for netbook manufacturers as possible, adding that it has cleaned up the system tray and "made some other concessions for the OEMs to help with branding."

[Thanks, fikhl]